Ten Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy!


Ten Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy!

Coffee… Sleep!
Many people say that if they drink coffee, they can’t sleep. We’re the opposite… If we’re asleep, we can’t drink coffee! So goes an old joke that does nothing but reinforce the effects of caffeine. But how about this… Recent studies show that people who drink a cup of coffee and then take a 20-minute nap tend to wake up feeling more alert than those who simply nap! The explanation is actually simple: it takes about 20 minutes for the caffeine to kick in! So as you wake up, you’re getting an extra energy boost at exactly the right time.

Exercise? Not Now!
If you made and broke a New-Year resolution to exercise more this year, you’re in great company! About 40% of people set themselves a seasonal goal and most people break it quite early on. But if you find yourself feeling tired, sluggish and in need of a boost then exercise may well be the answer…

Counter-intuitive though it is to jump into action when you’re knackered, that is often a great idea. And while half an hour of moderate working-out gives you a real boost, all is not lost if that sounds like too much. Just ten minutes’ brisk walking can invigorate the body and clear your mind for up to two hours. You could also march on the spot, power-walk round the room or walk up and down a flight of stairs a few times. They all help clear away the cobwebs!

Three Cheers for Chia
Supposedly chia seeds were the energy boost of choice for ancient Aztec warriors! They ate a spoonful of seeds just before battle, apparently making them a force to be reckoned with – they didn’t need to stop and eat for hours! Despite this being the legend, chia seeds are a comparatively new discovery for the Back in Shape team – but the early indications are promising…

It seems that the carbohydrate to fibre ratio is almost ideal for a slow-energy release as you digest them – but that’s not all! These tiny, hard-working seeds are also shown to fight dehydration, reduce inflammation around joints and provide a whole load of nutrients! Just sprinkle an ounce of them on yoghurt, or let them soak in water overnight… They’ll expand tremendously and the resulting goop is strangely pudding-like!

Avoid Energy Drinks
Sadly, we can’t get on board with most of these! While the caffeine content might appear helpful, that often has a cost: many energy drinks can cause irritability and nervousness, and – in extreme cases – increase your heart rate. What’s more, a can of energy drink sometimes contains as much as 50 grams of sugar… About 13 teaspoons’ worth! So of course you get a bit of a boost: the sugar rush alone is tremendous! As your body crashes down from that though, you’ll feel sluggish again… And, naturally, reach for another energy drink! Our advice is to avoid them altogether.

You’d be amazed at how often a feeling of fatigue is actually your body reacting to a need for water. Without enough water, oxygen can’t circulate in your bloodstream as efficiently. Make sure you’re drinking enough water without falling into the ‘eight glass’ trap! Find out more about staying hydrated.

Stuck At Your Desk?
If you – like us – often find yourself stuck at your desk, don’t worry… You can still give your body and mind a bit of a break. Our ‘Officise’ video and Info Sheet show you some simple, effective stretches that you can do while sitting at your desk! Take a look at the short video.

My Tunes
This couldn’t be more simple: choose a piece of music that you like and put it on! Ideally, it’ll be a piece that starts slowly but builds in tempo until it has a steady, stimulating rhythm. This alone can make you feel more alert, but jigging along helps too! The movement can be as little as tapping your feet: it only needs to increase you circulation a little.

Citrus for Zest!
When we released our range of scented Memory Oils to help students retain information, research revealed another benefit… The scent of citrus fruits – limes and grapefruits, oranges and lemons – seems to help increase energy too. That’s because they boost production of serotonin in your brain; a chemical that makes you feel happier!

So… You can start your day with naturally-scented body washes, for example. You can also get a boost later in the day just by slicing up citrus fruits! Alternatively, put a little scented oil in a burner and let it waft around you that way. If you want to know more about Memory Oils for students, take a look here.

More Tea?
In a point similar to the above, the smell of peppermint is proven to stimulate the brain. In fact, peppermint is particularly good for increasing alertness… And there’s no easier way to get a waft of peppermint than to make a peppermint tea! Fetch yourself a brew and gently inhale the scent before drinking – just be sure you don’t burn yourself on the steam!

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