What’s IDD all about?


Back and neck pain – along with sciatica – are among the most debilitating conditions we see here at the Back in Shape clinic. And while manual therapy is often enough to help, there is another option for chronic pain: Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy, or IDD. This month we look at how it can help…

What’s IDD all about?
Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy is a non-surgical decompression treatment. In other words, it takes pressure off the discs in your spine, and gently restores your mobility.

Discs in the spine?
Yes! As many of you may know, the bones in your spine are separated by fibrocartilaginous ‘cushions’. That’s quite a stuffy way of putting it; basically soft cushions that act like ligaments… They give your spine its flexibility. Unfortunately, a number of things can cause these discs to squash up and work less well.

What kinds of things squash your discs?
Numerous activities cause trouble: lifting, twisting awkwardly, playing sports – even sitting at your computer for hours at a time is a problem! That’s one of the reasons we made a video that shows some simple office exercises that can help prevent back pain! Take a look at it here.

Disc problems affect people of all ages and from all backgrounds. One way to tell if you already have a disc that’s squashed to the point of injury, though, or impaired function, is that your body will probably be letting you know all about it – through considerable discomfort and pain!

Treating Disc Problems
If you’ve heard the words ‘slipped disc’, then that’s we’re talking about: a herniated or prolapsed disc. This is where IDD Therapy can really help!

What can you do?
An IDD Therapy SPINA is a computer-controlled machine on which you lie down. It’s surprisingly comfortable! In use, it takes pressure off an injured or bulging disc, and stretches the soft tissues that were causing the pain.

How does that help?
This improves mobility in your spine, and allows the body’s natural healing mechanisms to work more efficiently. It often relieves the pain caused by muscle spasms, and alleviates nerve compression and irritation.

Is this the same as ‘traction’?
Yes and no! It aims to achieve the same thing but, where traction treatment used to stretch the whole spine, IDD Therapy addresses targets specific spinal segments in a more precise, safe and comfortable way.

When and where does this happen?
You can book a Back Pain Assessment for £30 – just quote IDD – and we’ll take a look at you right here at the Back In Shape Clinic. As you may know, Back In Shape is one of the most highly-regarded physiotherapy clinics in the Croydon area. Clinic Director Anthony Padgett has a special interest in back pain, and – in particular – unresolved back and neck issues.

Get in touch:
IDD can help tackle everything from a large herniated disc with pain in the immediate area, to neck problems and smaller disc bulges that cause sciatica in your legs. Our disc programme helps get you back on your feet again, without resorting to endless pain-management strategies or – in extreme cases – surgery. Call us on 020 8655 1664 and mention IDD Therapy.

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