Courses at Back in Shape Clinic

We want to teach courses to help all manual therapists work in a more efficient and enlightened manner with a thorough journey through the clinical presentation of patient problems. Starting with the concept of pain progressing though clinical reasoning and then visiting each area of the body to help understand the clinical presentation and how we can assist.

What good is a technique without the sound understanding of pain and clinical reasoning as to why and how to carry it out…

A series of courses to help musculoskeletal physiotherapists / clinicians develop sound clinical reasoning, utilising evidence informed / based practice with a patient centred approach. The courses are aimed at developing efficient and effective clinical practice using manual therapy, clinically reasoned therapeutic exercise with good communication skills as well as discussion and integration of other modalities as they are relevant. The courses will be delivered using a blend of lectures, workshops and supervised practical sessions with developing clinical reasoning for both manual therapy and related exercise to optimise results for patients and services. The courses will be delivered by MACP members with many years of experience. Pre and post course reading will be indicated.

Courses are led by:

William Herbert (MCSP, MAACP)
Anthony Padgett (MMACP, MCSP, SRP)

BIS/C-1 Introduction to pain mechanisms and their presentation and principles of management
BIS/C-2 Developing Clinical reasoning

Cervical spine

a) Basic

b) Advanced

BIS/C-4 Neuropathic Pain

Lumbar spine

a) Basic

b) Advanced

BIS/C-6 Musculo-skeletal Pelvic dysfunction
BIS/C-7 Neuro-dynamics

These will all be practical courses that will give you the tools to be able to use in a clinical arena straight away.