Pilates Exercise Classes Croydon

Are you looking for Pilates Exercise Classes in Croydon?

Of all the fitness systems we’ve ever seen, none comes close to matching the power and benefits of Pilates. This unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises promises to make you feel great and condition your body fast.

Pilates can help you feel your best, quickly and safely, if you want to:

• Rehabilitate after an accident, illness or injury

• Build your core stability and strength

• Improve your total fitness, posture or appearance

• Enhance fitness at any level: professional, enthusiast, amateur or beginner!

• Correct muscular imbalances

• Realign the body

• Increase your range of movement

• Maintain fitness for pre or postnatal mothers

• Condition yourself for surgery

• Manage or reduce pain from musculoskeletal disorders

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“Karen’s patient and professional Pilates programme beautifully compliments my other exercise regimes”
Dr. Clare Finnegan, GP

“After each Pilates session, I feel 100 percent, both mentally and physically.”
Nicola Day, Purchasing Director, Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

Core stability

We’re often asked what ‘core strength and stability’ are, and why they’re so essential to sport performance and injury prevention. Well, the muscles of the torso are called ‘the core’ and they not only stabilise the spine, but also provide a solid foundation for the rest of your body’s movement.

What’s more, your body’s ability to cope with what you put it through largely depends on how ‘balanced’ you are around your point of gravity. Our core stability exercises will allow you to develop a deep, functional fitness; a fitness essential to regular activity and daily living.

The Pilates equipment studio:

Many ‘mat based’ Pilates exercises are difficult to learn and require great discipline… You’ll find our Pilates system closely follows the work of Joseph Pilates, originator of the exercise system… Unlike many clinics, we can work with you as an individual on a bespoke programme to ensure you’ll get the absolute most out of every session and to feel the full benefits of Pilates more quickly, more easily and more cost effectively.

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“In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference; in 20, you will see the difference and in 30, you will have a whole new body.” Joseph Pilates


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