Osteopathy Croydon

Are you looking for Osteopathy in Croydon?

Like many people, perhaps you’ve heard the word ‘osteopathy’ but not yet found out what it is. Well, osteopathy is a non-invasive treatment that can help a return to wellness through effective pain relief and rehabilitation.

Osteopathic intervention can treat issues ranging from arthritis, back pain and headaches to digestion and postural problems. It can also help with circulation, tennis elbow, sleep cycles and more!

At Back in Shape, our osteopath looks to treat musculoskeletal dysfunction, and any related upset in the balance of your body. To do this, we combine the mobilisation and manipulation of the joints with soft-tissue work. Our clinician adheres to the three following osteopathic principles:

1. The Body is its Own Medicine Chest
Osteopathy helps speed up the body’s own healing process by releasing joints and muscles.

2. The Rule of the Artery is Supreme
The importance of ‘fluid dynamics’ is paramount. This means we look to maintain good blood supply, and eliminate toxins from your body.

3. Structure Governs Function
Your body’s ability to function depends on its structure… So when, for example, a muscle’s structure changes through overuse, stress or fatigue, it functions less well. Osteopathy seeks to maintain structure and ensure the various systems of your body interact with each other optimally.

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